One-Click Product Descriptions With AI

Automatically create engaging product descriptions by providing a few keywords and let our AI do the writing.

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Product Descriptions

Create descriptions for your products with a single clicks just by providing our AI with a few keywords and the name of your product.

Facebook Ad Copy

Use our AI writing tool to generate ad copies which sell within seconds.

Google Ad Copy

You can also use our tool to create google ad copies.

Boost your sales with high converting product descriptions and ad copies

Stop spending your time manually writing descriptions or ads and let our AI writing tool do so with a single click.

How it works

1. Select The Text Type

Select one of the template types for your text.

2. Provide Keywords and Product Name

All you need to do is to provide us with 3-4 keywords and the product name.

3. Get a completed text from our AI

Click "write" and let our AI do the work for you, your text will be ready within seconds.


$16 per month

We provide you with a flat monthly fee for unlimited usage

Unlimited Product Descriptions

Create unlimited product descriptions every month.

Unlimited Ad Copies

Use our tool for all your ad sets and ad copies across Facebook, Tiktok and Google.

Full Rights

You have the full rights to the texts you create as if you wrote them yourself. You don't need to give any attribution to us.

Additional Pro Features

We are constantly adding new features and templates to our tool.

What our users say

Discover what our users have to say about our tool.

More Sales And Higher Conversion Rates

“Using RegisAI to automate the creation of our product descriptions and ad copies we saw an impact across the board from conversion rates to overall revenue. The ROI on RegisAI is insane and it also saves a lot of time which can be used for other stuff.”


CTO @ Recharge

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